Snatch n Bent

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Skater Number


Favorite Derby Position


How did you get involved in roller derby?

This really amazing boy told me I would be good at it. And when I told him I wasn't good at anything, he kept encouraging me to do it. He visited me every day to tell me how amazing I could be, so I decided to try. I am not sure I am any good at it still though.

Favorite roller derby memory

When I first saw that same really amazing boy on skates. He took my breath away. He was the most beautiful creature ever and I knew I would do anything he said. When he comes near me, I can barely breathe. I just stare longingly after him. His skating is the most graceful thing I have ever seen.

Advice for prospective skaters

I am no one special, so if I can do it, you certainly can. I still don't know why a vampire who is more than 100 years old would fall in love with me, after all.

Skater's Spirit Animal

Whatever you think it should be.