Skater Number


Favorite Derby Position


How did you get involved in roller derby?

One of my friends mentioned something about her mom playing on a team in my hometown. They happened to be recruiting for a junior team and I decided check it out (without knowing I was three months older than the cutoff for juniors). So I got to check out an adults practice later that night and it was the beautiful start of me letting derby take over every aspect of my life!

Favorite roller derby memory

So at the first home bout last season, our team was 30 points down with one jam left to skate. We started with one blocker in the box and with only two blockers on the track because we forgot to field a fourth. We held the opposing jammer for the full two minutes while PYT, our rockstar jammer, ended up scoring 32 points winning us the game!

Advice for prospective skaters

If you think derby might be for you, it probably is! Also don't be afraid to fall down but always get back up!

Skater's Spirit Animal

Red Fox