Mac the Ripper

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Favorite Derby Position

On The Track

How did you get involved in roller derby?

It was just like any other Tuesday at the coffee shop in Boone. Or maybe it was Wednesday. Or Thursday. Actually, I think it was a Sunday. Let's just go with Monday. Okay, so, it was just like any other Saturday at the coffee shop in Boone. I thought to myself, "Wow. I wish I had something super cool to do with my time that would help me to make friends, stay in shape, AND have more fun than I've ever had in my entire life." Just then I looked up from my coffee and saw a poster for ROLLER DERBY BOOT CAMP. Then I looked back down at my coffee and noticed it wasn't what I ordered so I went back up to the counter and fixed it. Then I sat back down and tried to sip my coffee. It was a little too hot so I blew across the surface of my cup and waited for it to cool off. I took another sip after a few minutes and it was the perfect temperature. It wasn't the best coffee I'd had all week but it was still better than what I had at home. I asked myself if I had an unreasonably picky taste in coffee, and blamed it on my father like I do with most things. It was at that moment that I looked back up at the ROLLER DERBY BOOT CAMP flyer and thought to myself, "Hey. I should do that." So I did.

Favorite roller derby memory

Seeing my name on my jersey for the first time.

Advice for prospective skaters

Absolutely no experience is required. Anyone can play derby!

Skater's Spirit Animal

I like lamp