Jabs Bunny

  • Community Outreach Coordinator

Skater Number


Favorite Derby Position


How did you get involved in roller derby?

A coworker suggested I come check it out shortly after the team had formed. I watched one practice and I haven't stopped skating since.

Favorite roller derby memory

I think some of my favorite memories have always been the road trips for away games and tournaments. I never get tired of bonding with my teammates, meeting new people and experiencing new places.

Advice for prospective skaters

Be prepared to work extremely hard. It's a spirit quest. You will get in your head and doubt yourself many times in the beginning. But once it all clicks you'll be amazed by how tough you are and life will never be the same. You gain confidence in your ability. You learn to love and respect your body no matter what size you are because in this sport every difference gives you an advantage. And you get to travel and meet tons of people. It blows my mind sometimes how far our derby families extend. When tragedy strikes or when one of our own is featured somewhere in the national news or media, derby folks from all over the country will raise their voices and stand behind them. There are literally friends to be found all over the world in this community. Oh, and if you didn't love glitter before you joined derby... it's inevitable that you will eventually.

Skater's Spirit Animal

My cat Furburger