Appalachian Roller Derby vs. Red Stick Roller Derby Season Opener, Feb. 24

After using their off season to recoup, regroup and innovate, Appalachian Roller Derby is back in action and ready to begin their season the way they ended their last season, with a win!

Appalachian Roller Derby left their last season ranking at a hard earned 126 out of 339 qualifying teams in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. This season, ARD is embarking on a new journey, playing harder teams and even hosting their own tournament.

Thanks to the direction of returning Coach Scott “CoolHandDuke” Herman and recent Bench Coach addition Ian “Sinbad” McCauley, these skaters are more than prepared for the perseverance, endurance, and heart they must give on and off the track to earn each and every victory they will receive this season! “Our drive this season is unreal,” says ARD’s President, Honey Boom Boom. “We’re all committed to moving up in the rankings, and it’s really paying off. We cannot wait to give our home crowd a great bout to watch against a rival!”

Read the rest of High Country Press’s article about us here!

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