Player Profile: 2 Shainz

Derby Name: 2 Shainz #99

Real Life Alias: Shaina Crump

Freshie Year: 2015-2016 with ARG

Number of Tattoos:  3

When some other teams first see Boone Shiners Captain 2 Shainz they dismiss her for her size, but they only make that mistake once. Small, but incredibly fierce, she will show you her heart for derby as she bashes through your wall. And when she yells even the mighty quiver in fear, but it wasn’t always that way.

When Shainz isn’t playing derby you might find her working at Basil’s (a local restaurant in Boone and one of ARG’s awesome sponsors). If she isn’t slinging sandwiches and pulling pints she could be writing poetry. Or she could be tucked away in her office, working for a publishing company, just the first step towards her dream of being an editor. She just graduated from Appalachian State University, so you might even find her roaming around campus with friends still at school. If she isn’t here in Boone she might have taken a trip over to Chattanooga, or she might have fulfilled her wish to go see the Rockies. It’s hard to tell with Shainz, because she’s got the motivation and the heart to go places. We here at ARG are just glad she’s made our team one of those places.

Shainz played soccer when she was very young, but soccer couldn’t hold her like derby. As a Freshie she struggled with transitions and hitting, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her skating now. For her first bout she got to debut in what is now her favorite bouting venue, the Convocation Center here in Boone. Shainz was awed by how large it was — it just makes the moment feel more cool, more powerful. Since she likes bouting at home we are sure Shainz is hoping that we will get to host Chattanooga again so that she can show how much she has improved; after all, they are the team she is most looking forward to playing again.

Nowadays she is most likely to be found working with her derby big sister Boom to improve her awesome skills, or helping her own little, Tree Slugger, work on her fearsome derby skills. She’s probably jamming, making all the blockers fear those sharp hip hits she uses to devastate defensive walls. Many of the bruises from practice on our team come from those hips alone. If you haven’t had a chance to watch her jam, you may have never seen her long leg just sort of slide through the wall half a second before she does, but it is a sight to behold.

Don’t bother buying Shainz a hotdog, she thinks they’re kind of weird. She can do without mustard and spiders as well. Instead, if you want to do something awesomely nice take her out to see the musical Rent live, and then buy some sparkle tights for her to wear in her next bout. And follow her derby advice, “So basically, stick with it. It’s totally worth it. This is by far the best thing I have done for myself.”

Photo Credit: Keith Ridge

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