ARG is going to Beach Brawl!

Did you know that ARG is going to go to Beach Brawl this year? It’s true, and the team is really excited. This is an international tournament that draws some extremely high quality teams that we are looking forward to bouting against. Currently 18 teams from Great Britain, Ireland, France, Canada, and USA are already signed up.

The only down side is that Beach Brawl is located in Florida and there are significant travel expenses associated with getting from Boone, NC to Fort Lauderdale FL. The team is currently raising money towards travel expenses and associated costs of the event. If you are interested in getting some great ARG swag you should check out THIS where you can buy a shirt or a sweatshirt designed by Holt 45 with the added bonus of helping us get to Beach Brawl.This page also offers the option for additional donations if you feel like you want to give more, but don’t need ten more sweatshirts in your life.

We always welcome sponsors too, and not just for Beach Brawl. If you want to become a team sponsor check out the sponsorship tab that has a “How to become a sponsor” tab. We would LOVE any support you can give!

Thank you Sarah Holt “Holt 45” for designing this great shirt!

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